What are the rights of married women?



Currently there are couples who probably have many years of love. But something very curious is that several of these couples prefer to stay together, but without signing a marriage certificate, leaving aside the rights of married women.

For many, marriage is something light, as for others it is something very delicate and heavy. And this is not false, because when starting a marriage there are certain characteristics and legal points that change when entering into a marriage union.

However, there is still a fairly large population of couples planning to marry. This is because, some see it as something sacred, well, it goes with their religion and family principles. Others find marriage a stronger demonstration of love.

If among the plans you have for the future is getting married and fortunately you have the right person by your side, it is a valid and more normal option than you imagine. But, if you consider that you are not with the right person and that you simply do not see yourself married to him, you can perfectly refuse to marry.

If this is not your case and you are already one step away from that “Yes”, it is important that you know what your rights are as a wife when entering into this union. There are many financial and legal advantages behind a marriage. They are between them:

You may qualify for a marriage inheritance tax deduction

When you are married and your spouse dies, the estate of this spouse becomes that of the surviving wife. Although this estate lacks tax payments, in domestic partnerships this benefit is not real.

In some states this federal privilege is fairly common, however in others the exemption is enough to include moderate properties.

As a spouse, you can transfer your deceased spouse’s IRA to your IRA as a surviving spouse

If this is the case where your spouse dies and has an IRA, you can roll it over to your IRA as a surviving spouse. If it happens that they are not married, you should distribute them immediately, regardless of age. 

You may qualify for a gift tax marriage deduction

If it is the case that your spouse is a US citizen, they can give you tax-free gifts of any cost. In the case of couples who are not married, they will probably have to write off taxes when making these types of gifts or donations.

As a wife, you can receive survivor benefits from a pension plan

When you are married to a spouse who has a pension, you will have the right as a spouse to receive survivor benefits, even if he dies. It should be noted that these benefits are the most important, so you will have to inform yourself to know more about them.

You can contribute to a spousal

Another  right as a wife is that if you do not work for any reason and your spouse does work, you can use the income of your working spouse to qualify for IRA contributions.

When you are in a common-law union (they are not married) and you do not work, you will not be able to contribute to an IRA to save for retirement, because you do not earn your own income from work.

Being in a marriage, you can save on health insurance

Generally, health insurance plans together are usually cheaper than those taken separately, even if it is an employer-sponsored plan. This right is quite important if you do not have the possibility of accessing insurance through your job.

You can receive Social Security benefits

Being in a marriage, you will have the right as a wife to request a marital benefit. Therefore, you can collect up to 50% of the benefit amount from the other spouse. Now, if your husband dies, the amount of this benefit can vary.

That is, if there is a death of your spouse, you may notice a monthly increase in Social Security benefits. The exact amount should be consulted with the corresponding institution.

In the case of being alone as a couple, without being in marriage, you will not be able to collect these benefits.

As a wife, you are entitled to certain benefits if your spouse is disabled

There may be a chance that your spouse may be in a car or other accident and have difficulty going to see him at the hospital or where he is admitted. In some places, they only allow visits from blood relatives.

If you are married to your spouse, you probably have no problem and a judge can give you some kind of authorization to make financial or health care decisions on your spouse’s behalf.

A court will have the option to protect your rights as a married woman, even if your spouse’s family disagrees.

As a wife, you will have more legal rights

Another right as a wife is that if your husband has an accident and sadly dies, you have the possibility to sue third parties for wrongful death. If you are not married, this will not be possible and you will not be able to recover irreparable damages from your spouse.

You can receive more protection, in case your spouse dies

If your spouse dies and does not write a will, the state can determine where their assets are directed.

In the event that they are not married and their parents or siblings are alive, this may automatically pass into their power, and you may possibly receive a certain amount of assets for being a non-related girlfriend.

You will have advantages when buying a house

Certainly, by starting a marriage with your partner, you will be able to have combined income and a legal reason that will make you stay together. This is important to consider in a mortgage, as many companies do not accept two unrelated parties in a mortgage.

In some cases it can work, but it is quite difficult and requires a much higher initial fee than the corresponding one. Also, they may have a lot of trouble locating a lender who wants to help them.

Another of the rights of married women is related to the exchange of vows and regularly, this is very important for many couples, since among them are important data in relation to the management of wealth.

It is very common to observe problems related to proper estate planning, as, in some states, they can be considered as an official domestic partnership.

For this reason, it is important to determine what are the correct parameters to maintain a healthy legal marriage without legal problems.

Since you know what are the benefits or rights of married women, you should consider what are the appropriate channels in the courts so that these are respected without problem.

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