New Year’s resolutions. 8 strategies to finally become reality



Are you one of those who set New Year’s resolutions and rarely make them come true? Well, in the following article we will teach you how to do so that this year you can achieve them.

The habit of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year is not something recent. In fact, it had its beginnings in Babylon where its inhabitants made promises to the Gods at the beginning of the year. Individuals who kept these promises would be blessed and those who did not would be punished.

Formerly, these promises were focused on paying debts or returning favors. However, these days the most common New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight, quitting cigarettes, and saving money. Unfortunately, most of us fail to deliver on these promises.

According to a study, 80% of people do not fulfil their purposes. That is, 8 out of 10 people who set goals for the New Year do not meet them. This is because they are raised in a very general way, without a deadline, or a development plan.

Taking this into account:

How can I fulfil my New Years resolutions?

The size of the goals you set is a great determinant of whether or not you are going to achieve them. Big goals are great (Think big!) And can be a source of inspiration for you due to the attractiveness of the end result. However, you should not forget that a great goal requires effort and work to achieve.

If you want to lose weight, say 10 kilos, you have to pay the equivalent price of those 10 kilos. This means making certain sacrifices that most people are not willing to make. For example, you will have to start dieting and some type of exercise. When you visualize your purposes from this perspective, they seem impossible to achieve. That’s why you must …

  1. Divide big goals into small steps.

When the big dream you have is not broken down into achievable little steps, you feel overwhelmed. This is because it all comes down to a single step that you have to take. One that your brain is not entirely comfortable with. It’s like asking a 10-year-old to carry a 100-kilogram bag of sand. If you do, the child will most likely not do it because he thinks it is impossible.

The surprising thing is that this task can be carried out by the child, or in other words, there are possibilities of completing it. What happens if you move 3 or 5 kilos of sand at the same time? When we think of small steps, big goals don’t sound impossible.

If your purpose is to complete a marathon, start training with small distances and gradually increase the number of kilometres travelled. In this way, your brain will accept the effort little by little, to the point of seeing it possible and achievable. When you complete 10 or 20 kilometres you will feel very good with the progress. This positive feedback will motivate you to keep training.

If you take one step every day, no matter how small, you will get closer and closer to achieving your goals. Another strategy you can use is …

  1. Don’t set too many New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions, don’t set too many. The problem with having many goals is that you will most likely have problems and fail several times when trying to take small steps towards a single goal.

If this is so, imagine what would happen if you set 4 or 5 purposes. Surely, you would lose motivation and abandon your intentions to fulfil those purposes. Our recommendation is, pick just one to get started.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you could start by getting into the habit of eating healthy for a period. Without the need for exercise, just try to get used to eating right. When you solidify this habit, think about starting a new one.

Taking things easy will help you enjoy the process and increase your motivation. Finally, if you manage to fulfil only one of your purposes, you will have much more confidence in yourself to continue with the next one.

  1. Understand why you want to achieve that purpose.

When you are considering a change, take the time to think it over carefully. Evaluate what are the advantages and disadvantages of achieving this purpose. Is it worth a try? Does it agree with your personality and principles? Do you want to do it for yourself, or just to please someone else?

It is very important that you understand the reason for your decisions. This will help you pursue them with greater momentum.

  1. Create a plan to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

Planning in this case means setting time in your schedule, in addition to acquiring and managing resources. If you want to start going to the gym every day, you will need to pay for a membership, buy sportswear, and set aside time to exercise.

Resources are a very important part of fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions. If you go to the gym and get blisters due to inappropriate shoes, you are less likely to want to do it again. This will become the excuse that will justify you not going to the gym anymore.

If you do not organize your day and establish certain hours for your activities, you will surely think that you do not have enough time and as a result, you will lose motivation. If your purpose is to read a book per month, plan how many pages or chapters you will read per day, as well as what time of day you will read. Having a plan will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

  1. Set a start date.

Set a date when you will start, this does not necessarily have to be at the beginning of the year. It also doesn’t have to be a Monday or when everything is perfect. Find the day that works for you to reach the state of mind you need to boost your motivation.

If the end of the year party leaves you in recovery during the first week of January, chances are you will not do anything to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. So, you must be realistic with these dates and with the time that you can dedicate.

  1. Learn from your mistakes.

Problems are very likely to arise, and before you start working on your resolutions, you should plan how to deal with those that are likely to arise. However, it is impossible to predict all problems, so be prepared to stumble along the way.

You will feel bad when you fail, and you may doubt your abilities to achieve what you think is possible.

Being depressed is sometimes a part of life, and it can seem like everyone else except you is achieving what they set out to do. But the others are not your problem, you are. Learn to get up when you are depressed. Learn the lesson, make adjustments, and try again.

  1. Track your progress.

Tracking your progress, especially smaller accomplishments, maybe the best way to motivate yourself. They show you where you were and where you are going. If you lose a kilo, rejoice, you have taken the first step.

Watching their progress will also show you when you get stuck and why it could have happened. This way, you can correct your heading. Remember, achieving something small is much better than achieving nothing.

Do something, no matter how small. Walking 10 minutes a day to lose 10 kilos is better than thinking that if there were a gym near you, you would be exercising at least 45 minutes every day.

  1. Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve.

Find out if there is someone who has lost as much weight as you want to lose, who has managed to achieve the abdomen you dream of or who shows you the way to run the marathon you want to do this year. Most likely, other people have walked the path and can guide you. What did they do? What made the process easier? The answer to these questions will surely be of great help to you.


In order for you to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions, focus on a single goal first, this goal must be clearly defined and divided into the smallest steps you can take to achieve it.

Schedule it into your routine and take advantage of all the resources you need to start working on it.

Problems and obstacles are likely to arise continuously. If you can anticipate them, make adjustments to deal with them and when you fall, get up, clean yourself, learn your lesson, and start over.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Tell us in the comments.

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