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The legal profession has a large number of approaches, which can be used by each professional when serving a client. You may be surprised to learn that there are free lawyer directories, in fact, there are conditions that apply to have them.

The lawyer who works to provide social assistance and contribute to the community is called a Pro bono lawyer, and his work consists of guiding and advising a person with a serious social condition, free of charge, or at reduced rates in order to help you.

Working for a public good is undoubtedly humanitarian work, for that there are directories of free lawyers who are ready to collaborate in cases that deserve collaboration. Most of them are selected, as it depends on the severity of the problem that exists.

That is, if someone in a critical situation requires legal help, they can request these services. They are very popular, especially in family lawyers. Since it becomes urgent when you have to defend the rights of a child against any abuse, or in common cases of legal custody.

Operation of the bureaucratic system to access a pro bono lawyer

The first thing to do when you want to get this help, is to contact a bar association, which is an institution where students and professionals share training and affinities, and there is the right organization to channel each case.

In the free lawyer directories, they almost always point to the bar associations, which is where everyone offers volunteer time. It is also possible to channel a lawyer who wants to provide his service privately, it could be free or have a special discount.

Of course, an interview is required in which, if you are interested, explain your reality in detail, revealing any economic impact such as lack of employment or total loss of assets, to justify the lack of payment of the schedule, since It is an act of charity.

On the other hand, it is good to assist organizations that have the ability to put you in direct contact with a good lawyer who wants to help. One of them is the Children’s Assistance Fund, which ensures the rights of children despite existing economic factors.

What a pro bono lawyer asks for in order to legally assist someone

Of course, the aid is intended for people who really need the discount or the omission of payment, since legal services, in general, are not entirely cheap. For a professional to decide to skip the payment it has to be for a case that really requires it.

In general, they evaluate the social status of the applicant, especially if they are homeless, unemployed, without social assistance or with verifiable debts that prevent making payments to the contracts they make. It means that you will have to prove the seriousness of your situation.

It is not enough to go to the free lawyer directories and say that you have financial problems, it must be a legal emergency that needs to be solved for the personal good of the family, especially if it is to protect a child, since they are given priority to them.

The good news is that in countries like the United States, student states require professionals to carry out this type of action to contribute to the community. So you can always find an option in free lawyer directories if you search carefully.

The right to have a free lawyer

This right depends a lot on your personal situation and on what the social entity to which you go thinks about the possibility that the law gives you to solve the problem. This also implies if for some reason you have to go to jail to serve a sentence and you have no money for defense.

If the case is not criminal, that is, it is a defense case that, while it is resolved, does not imply going to prison, then the citizen must pay for the expenses that his inconvenience generates, and this includes the lawyer, unless he requests assistance from the pro bono professional.

The directories free lawyers refer you to clinics called pro bono, or partnerships necessary to find advice. Understand that you must first be considered and chosen by that foundation to go to a lawyer who will study your case and agree to defend you.

It also applies that a person enters the status of a disadvantaged individual, or very poor, who can point out his finances and demonstrate that there is no way to pay large sums of money for a legal service, and thus could be selected by the organization to which he does application.

Operation of pro bono clinics

Clinics are social centers that are run by a volunteer staff or who work for a non-profit organization. They work to receive, organize, classify and support people who arrive requesting free legal help for different social reasons that they live.

It is there that they receive your call, listen to your whole story, and take notes on it for later consideration. It is about specifying if only a little advice is needed, or even taking the whole case to give you complete results, although this rarely happens.

In case of not being approved, do not be discouraged, there are still options to handle any problem with the professional help you deserve, because a legal inconvenience that affects your day to day should never be left to chance. If they don’t take your case seriously, get at least some advice from the court.

The free lawyer directories are there to give you options, and your job is to find what works best for you. Although it is not an entirely easy task, it is something tangible and possible to achieve if each person is organized according to the law and provides real data.

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