7 Smart Preparations for Obtaining a Capital Loan

To get a business capital loan or personal needs, there are several conditions that must be met. As you well know, to get a capital loan from a bank or a pawnshop, of course you have to prepare several files and personal assets. For a loan to be accepted, you need to be serious when preparing.

In this article, we will discuss 7 smart preparations that you have to do to get a capital loan according to your needs. One that must be considered and is one of the most important considerations is your ability to be able to repay or pay off the loan.

If you cannot repay the party who has given the loan, the assets that you have guaranteed will be forfeited. These assets may not be commensurate with the amount you are borrowing, which is why you should seriously consider your repayment capacity considerations.

What are the preparations that must be made to meet the requirements of a business capital loan?
Check out some of the preparations to fulfill the capital loan requirements below so that your loan is received by the Bank or the Pawnshop.

Prepare identity papers
In this case, the identity is in the form of a KTP or Identity Card. If you want to apply for a capital loan, of course the related parties need your identity as collateral. However, your current residence address with the address printed on your KTP must be the same. If you live at an address that is different from the one listed on your KTP, you must obtain a residence certificate from the RT or RW where you live.

And also if you are married, you must submit a photocopy of your ID card and your wife or husband as information that both parties have agreed to the loan application. If only one party agrees, it is feared that a conflict will occur when something happens, this is avoided by the Bank or the Pawnshop.

Marriage certificate or marriage certificate
If you are married, besides having to submit a photocopy of your husband or wife’s ID card, other documents that must be attached are the Marriage Certificate or Marriage Certificate. This one document is needed by the lender to guarantee that the assets used as collateral are shared property, and both parties must know all the assets.

The purpose of attaching this document is the same as the KTP, so that if there is a problem related to loan funds it will be easier to confirm.

Copy of KK or Family Card
This document is needed by the Bank or the Pawnshop to find out how many members of your family and what your position is as the backbone of the family. The lender needs this information as a consideration whether you are able to pay off or pay the loan installments smoothly.

If you have many family members, it is also possible that you are responsible for each family member. The Bank or the Pawnshop may be in doubt with your ability to pay off capital loans that have been given.

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