21 ways to achieve everything

Here’s how to put one together for use with Brian Tracy.

1. Prepare your “self.” 

Be very clear about what you want to achieve and your goals. Never forget that. Before starting any work, put a notebook and a pen and write down your goals and objectives. 

2. Plan each day in advance.

 It means “on paper.” You will win 5-10 minutes for every minute you plan your day. 

3. Always follow the 80/20 rule. 

20 percent of the work you do determines 80 percent of the results. So always strive for that important 20 percent. 

4. Calculate the result. 

The most important task of the day is to get things done in your life, good or bad. Therefore, special attention should be paid. 

5. Get used to using the “ABVGD” method. 

This is a list of things in order of importance before they start in order. This will help you not to miss important work. 

6. use keys to get results.

 Determine what results you need to achieve by completing the task and complete it throughout the day.

7. You will never have time to do everything.

 But there is always enough time to get the most important things done. All you have to do is choose what is important. 

8. Prepare thoroughly before starting any work. 

Preparation is not wrong, it will help you do the right thing. 

9. Always expand your knowledge.

 As you expand your knowledge and skills in your field, you will be able to perform more important tasks and find solutions to problems. 

10. Learn to define and use your skills.

 Think about what you can or can do best in your field. Finally, develop that ability and use your energy to accomplish the tasks you use.

11. Find things that are holding back work.

 Obstacles, both internal and external, always prevent you from achieving the desired results. Therefore, if there is a stagnation, make a plan to reduce the impact of those obstacles. 

12. Excite yourself when you act.

 Imagine that in a month you will go on a trip. Before that, you have to get behind an important job. This kind of deadline can help you increase your energy for work. 

13. Maximize your inner energy. 

Identify the times when physical and mental energy are at their peak. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight. 

14. Seek motivation to work. 

Be your own crazy fan. Finding the positive side of any problem will increase your motivation to solve it. 

15. Change your worldview and strive to be a creator.

Changing your perception of the world will always benefit you in every way. Not only do you become less selfish. But in addition, you manage to be more tolerant and more compassionate at the same time. This change takes place in how you function as a person and how you relate to others. It will also translate into overwhelmingly positive results in the actions you take.

16. Spend time productively. 

You can’t spend all your time doing business. So learn to put off trivial tasks. This will allow you to spend less time on important tasks. 

17. Do the hardest work first. 

Starting the day with a challenging task and persevering will make it easier to see the end. 

18. Partially “cut” your work.

 Divide large and complex tasks into smaller parts that can be done, and start to get organized.

19. Learn to divide your time.

 Divide the work day into groups of hours for important tasks.

20. Hurry up. 

Learn how to get important things done quickly. Be sure to work effectively while you are smart.

21. One task – one job.

 Define your values ​​and work tirelessly from the beginning to the end. This is the key to career success and productivity.

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